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Welcome to the new blog section of our site. This area will serve as a platform for all the things we didn’t know about dabbing.  To start take a look at temperature, the most important element…well other than your stash!


The debate goes on… low temp vs high temp dabs, which is better? Let’s check out some differences.

For low temp dabs you generally need to start between 500 – 600*F (260*-315*C). This will allow the terps to burn off at a much slower rate giving the product a much more full flavored taste. A rule of thumb if you don’t have a temp gun is to heat to red then wait 10-15 seconds before starting. Using a carb cap is essential in order to get the full experience.


  1. Smoother less harsh on lungs.
  2. less risk of burning product.
  3. Better flavor more intense.
  4. Take full advantage of CBD, and thc benefits.


  1. Slightly less effect.
  2. Must use carb cap.
  3. Chance of some pooling if product doesn’t all burn.(Use small amounts to avoid)

High temp dabbing is the get up and go of the dab world. High temp dabs are typically around the 900-1000*f range. The High temp dab gives much more smoke and some say a more intense feeling.


  1. Strong powerful sensation right away.
  2. Almost all material burns away leaving almost nothing to clean up.
  3. No need for carb cap, most burns away within the first few seconds.
  4. You can use a variety of nails and bangers for high temp dabs.


  1. Harsh on lungs and throat.
  2. Burn off some thc and cbd with little effect.
  3. Potential to burn dab and taste with it.

So which side are you on? Best part is you don’t have to choose. Try both and have fun doing it!

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